UK Schools Coronavirus Crisis: Hundreds Of Pupils Sent Home and Forced To Quarantine

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DOZENS of schools across England and Wales have been forced to send entire year groups home and instruct them to self-isolate after a number of pupils tested positive for coronavirus.

Some schools have had to shut their doors completely, after teachers and pupils tested positive for the deadly virus. It comes just days after schools fully reopened, after shutting at the start of the nationwide lockdown in March.

Schools in Liverpool and Manchester have seen the worst of the outbreaks, with positive cases erupting in a number of schools in the areas.

Eight schools in Liverpool have been linked to positive coronavirus cases, prompting as many as 200 pupils to self-isolate at home.

Staff members have also been forced to go home, with 21 employees having to quarantine for 14 days.

Five primary schools and three secondary schools have recorded positive cases.

Schools in Manchester have also been rocked by an uptick in coronavirus cases, with 15 schools having to send home what could amount to over a thousand pupils in total.

Due to the bubble system introduced in schools, if one child within the bubble is told to isolate or tests positive for coronavirus, the whole group must then isolate.

Some schools dictate bubbles by entire year groups, which could affect some 200 pupils, while others opt for class sizes, of around 30.

One school in Suffolk was forced to completely shut after eight teachers tested positive for coronavirus.

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