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News Channel claims Donald Trump is an orphan from Pakistan,share alleged childhood photo

​Neo News alleges that Donald Trump was actually born in Waziristan in 1946 as Dawood Ibrahim Khan.

They then went on to add that Trump lived there until 1955 when he was adopted by his American family following the reported death of his Pakistani parents.

The channel also showed a childhood picture of ‘Trump in Pakistan’ and claimed he received his childhood education in the country.

In the report, which took place last month, the reporter said: ‘Presidential candidate Donald Trump was born in Pakistan and not in America.’

They also added in a disclaimed that they were not the original source of the story.

In fact, a tweet they had received was the basis, in which a man claimed Trump was born into a Muslim family.Nut by airing it, they were hit with a huge amount of backlash from locals asking how a ‘reputable news outlet’ could put something like this out as ‘fact’.

Culled from MEtro UK

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