I’m sorry if people thought I betrayed their culture in foreign land —Amala ban advocate

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An international student at the Coventry University, Moboluwarin Ayeye, who called for a ban on Amala in a class presentation, has said that he was proud of his Yoruba heritage and also as a Nigerian man.

In a reaction which he sent exclusively to The PUNCH, Ayeye, who simply goes by Bolu on his Twitter handle, said, “I love being a Yoruba and Nigerian man, and proud of it (most of the time).”

He added that the presentation was part of a class project to help students improve their presentation skills, hence, the content of the presentation didn’t really matter.

He revealed that he enjoys annoying his friends and followers on social media. While, he wasn’t bothered about the backlash that came with the Amala brouhaha, Bolu stated that his parents were also dragged into the matter and with that, he wasn’t okay. “It was not my intention for it to be taken seriously, and I apologise if people thought I was berating their culture in another person’s land and for that, I understand the anger and vitriol, or if I thought Amala is nasty, in reality, I really don’t care much for it, it’s not bad, it’s not fufu (just kidding again) .

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