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Kwara clash: Nupe Community drags Govenor to Court over alleged Bias


Elders of Tsaragi community in Edu Local Government Area of Kwara State have passed a vote of no confidence and trust on Governor Abdulfatah Ahmed’s Judicial Commission of Inquiry, saying they have instituted a court action to challenge the governor’s decision.

The group in an address read by Dr. Abdullahi Idris and assisted by the Wali of Tsaragi, Alhaji Muhammed Haruna, at the Nigeria Union Journalists, NUJ, secretariat in Ilorin, the Kwara State capital, alleged that the governor was bias in the composition of the ?commission.

According to them, “In the light of the one-sided disposition openly displayed by Governor Ahmed, the Nupes of Tsaragi community have no reason whatsoever to participate in another inquiry more so when the recommendations of all the previous commissions/panels on the crisis which have been adopted by the government have not been implemented.

“Following the recent outbreak of communal crisis between Tsaragi and Share, the attention of Tsaragi community was drawn to yet another constitution of a judicial commission of inquiry to investigate the issues that led to the crisis and proffer solutions. “It is important to recap that the Federal Government of Nigeria, following the states and local governments creation of 1976, constituted Justice Mamman Nasir’s Boundary Adjustment Commission.

It visited the two communities and its recommendations were accepted by the federal government. A white paper was issued on the report by the Kwara State Government. “In 1995/96, the federal government again set up Justice Mbanefo panel. It visited Kwara State? and at its public sitting, Share community requested it to review the Mamman Nasir Commission’s recommendations.”

The group, however, stressed that “There have been four commissions on Share/Tsaragi Boundary Dispute since 1975 and all of which were rejected. Having failed to achieve their mission through lawful means, Share community resorted to the use of force, sometimes, by invading Nupe villages with armed youths and ordering the villagers to leave or admit being part of Share District in Ifelodun Local Government Area of Kwara State.

These act of lawlessness on the part of Share youths, led to the recent crisis. “The pertinent questions now are to what extent is Governor Ahmed, who is an indigene of Share, impartial in this matter? Is it not safe to assume that Ahmed is behind the current episode going by his recent actions and utterances?

“Clearly, everything points to Governor? Ahmed as the stumbling block towards the resolution of the crisis. We observed at meetings attended by Tsaragi community at the Government House that the governor asked questions and provided the answers at the same time, while addressing salient issues.

“We have also observed that he asserted that no community owns lands and threatened land owners to adopt give and take approach. This cannot be the stance of a neutral governor and chief security officer of the state.”

?The group therefore maintained that the people Tsaragi community and its environs are committed to peaceful co-existence with our Share Igbomina neighbours.

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