Chevron To Sack 25 Per Cent Of Staff

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Chevron Nigeria Limited has said it will cut down its workforce by 25 per cent as it is reviewing its manpower requirements in the light of the ‘changing business environment’.

CNL disclosed this on Friday in a statement entitled ‘Chevron Nigeria Limited reviews workforce in accordance with business exigencies’.

To this end, the exercise would see the oil and gas giant downsizing 25 per cent of its workforce across the various levels of the organization.

He said there were no plans to migrate Nigerian jobs outside the country.

He said, “We have prospects for our company in Nigeria; however, we must make the necessary adjustments in light of the prevailing business climate; and we need everyone’s support to get through these tough times stronger, more efficient and more profitable, in order to sustain the business.

“We are actively engaging our workforce to ensure they understand why this is being done. We will continue to consistently engage all relevant stakeholders, including the leadership of the employee unions as we continue this process of business optimisation.”

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