Woman Born with no Vagina Undergoes Life-changing Surgery to Create one

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A young woman who was born without a vagina has told how she hopes to become a mother following life-changing surgery to create one.Devan Merck was just 12 years old when she found out she had no vagina.

She was diagnosed with Mayer-Rokitansky-K ster-Hauser syndrome meaning she had no vaginal canal, a malformed uterus and no cervix.

But she recently discovered she had working ovaries – and now hopes to have her own child via surrogate.

Daily Mirror reports surgeons created a ‘man-made’ vagina using skin taken from the 23-year-old’s bottom – allowing her to have sex and lead a normal life.

Devan said:

“I am no different – instead of having a fully functioning vagina. I have a man made vagina.For years I was bullied and felt different. Kids would call me a ‘boy’ and a ‘freak’ and boyfriends would disappear when they realised I wouldn’t have sex.”But since I met my husband my life has changed completely. We recently discovered I have both my ovaries and we are hoping to have a biological child of our own.”Everything I’ve been through has been me stronger and I think I will make an amazing mother.”

When she was just 13-years-old, Devan underwent surgery to remove her malformed uterus.
Three years later, sixteen-year-old Devan went on to have a procedure to ‘make’ her a vagina so she was able to have sex.
Devan said:

“They had to basically make a vaginal opening for me so that I can have intercourse.”I had a thick layer of skin that covered my vaginal opening that they had to cut open and then they took skin from my bottom and placed it inside of me.”

The skin was rolled up and inserted into the newly created opening to form a vaginal canal.For several months Devan had to wear a foam insert inside her vagina to stop the newly created vaginal walls from fusing back together.The surgery was a success, but Devan’s problems were far from over and she endured years of merciless bullying from her classmates.

“The name calling hurt. It hurt my feelings a lot but I dealt with it. It definitely made me a stronger person. I didn’t judge, I just knew that they didn’t understand.”I was scared to open up. I was scared of what guys would think about me.

“I was scared what they were going to do and say because I do have scars and I felt different.
“I couldn’t have sex. So it was difficult to have a boyfriend that was okay with that. It definitely ended some relationships really quick. But those relationships were not meant to be, and that’s ok.”

Devan lost her virginity shortly after her operation, but her boyfriend at the time would taunt her – saying that she ‘felt’ and ‘smelled’ different to other girls with her ‘artificial vagina’.

After leaving school, however, Devan found happiness with husband of five years, Trent, who serves in the US military.
And the couple have recently discovered that Devan is carrying eggs in her ovaries – meaning the couple could have their own biological baby by using a surrogate.

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