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Meet the Salami’s – A family of 5 with very different personalities. Abu Salami (The Father) is an entrepreneur, a photographer and infact a jack of all trade.
Loretta Salami (The Mother), a teacher a gym lover, a family woman who loves kids and enjoys gossip a lot of gossip.

Jayden Salami the first born child a very intelligent 5year old likes to play football, painting, swimming and tennis.

Layla Salami the second born child and only daughter, a bright, loving and highly mischievous young lady.
And of course the baby of the house – mummy’s boy Trey Salami who loves to watch cartoons and turns to a new super hero every week.

The series presents the lifestyle and struggle of a family living in Nigeria after the british oriented wife and kids relocate to join Abu Salami (The father). The series unveils the general challenges of marriage, raising children and the difficulty and frustration Loretta Salami (The mother) faces in adapting to the living condition of a middle class family in Nigeria.

And of course you do not want to miss out on watching the kids in action.





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