This Woman kills herself after Sex tape with ex-boyfriend goes Viral

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A raven-haired Italian beauty has committed suicide after a sex tape she made with her new boyfriend went viral after she sent it to her former boyfriend to make him jealous.

Tiziana Cantone, 31, who lived in Naples, Italy, killed herself while alone in a cellar after the embarrassing video of her performing a sex act surfaced on the worldwide web.

It’s unclear who uploaded the racy footage to the internet, where it first appeared in 2015.
The video became such a hit that Cantone was forced to go to court to legally change her name.
She also reportedly became the butt of online jokes and was mercilessly ridiculed by cyber-bullies.
She would constantly receive mocking emails and was often shamed by pedestrians who recognized her on the street.
She became so distraught that she even quit her job.
Friends and family members told local Italian media that Cantone went into a deep depression and was having suicidal thoughts just prior to her death

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