Tenants Vanish with Landlord’s Children in Edo

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Two female tenants, Mercy and Rose, have reportedly disappeared with two children of their landlord at Utese.

According to TheNation, the names of the children were given as Amada, aged four, and Christable, aged two. They were reportedly left in the custody of the tenants by their mother who went to the stream to wash her clothes.

The tenants, said to hail from Cross River State, were said to have moved to the community about three weeks ago and told their landlord that one was a farm hand and the other a hair dresser.

It was learnt that when their curious neighbours broke into their room, they discovered that the two tenants had taken their few belongings and vanished.

The residents told the distraught parents that they saw the tenants stopping vehicles on the highway but thought they were taking the children out as usual.

Addressing reporters in Benin, the state capital, mother of the missing children, Faith Osaruoname, said she used to leave her children with the tenants whenever she was going out.

Osaruoname said it was when her husband returned that it dawned on her that the tenants had fled with her two daughters. She said: “I have been calling the numbers of those girls and they were switched off.”

Father of the children, Omokpia Osaruoname, said he has reported the matter at the Okada Police Division. Omokpia said “I don’t have their photographs; I don’t know anything about them.”

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