Speed Darlington insinuates he slept with his high school teacher for grades

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U.S based Nigerian singer, Speed Darlington in a new Instagram post insinuated that he slept with his high school teacher whose photo he shared.
According to Speed Darlington, she was way older than him but he needed to pass his class. Here’s what he wrote;

“High school teacher. I use to wanna do her even though she wayyyyy older than me I still no send I had to pass my class and if that include fucking my way to the top then so be it. lmaoooo! Pep my book bag on the right? Now can you say no to me if you was her? I come to class looking like a head Master. #Bang!”
Speed Darlington has always pulled the kiss and tell strings before now. Earlier this year, Speed Darlington went off on a rant after spending over $200 to take a Dominican lady out for dinner, yet he didn’t even get to her “squeeze boobs”.

The Bangdadadang crooner who shared a video of himself with the lady, said he felt like a “mumu” because he didn’t get to have sex with her.
Read what he wrote below:
“She’s a Dominican black beauty and she got shiny dark skin I picked her up yesterday evening for class. After I dropped her off then I showed up 3 hours later to pick her up again for dinner. My plan was to take her to African restaurant feed her jellof rice with fry fish and some goat meat.

But she insisted on downtown restaurant which I didn’t want to because I like to keep my money in my pocket. But didn’t want to come off cheap so I greed. But now I feel like a *SUCKER* aka mumu because I don’t Bleep her after $215 worth of dinner. I feel like poo.

My African American friends aways put it in my head that only looser spend hefty money on girls he never sex. Here I’m spending over $200 I didn’t even squeeze boobs or anything smh.

The other part of my mind is telling me not to see it as bad thing because it is said that good girls are not suppose to Bleep on the 1st date.

To see it as the beginning of some good. But the part that kinda pissed me off was that as I was taking her home, she was on phone with another guy.

I checked her and let her know that’s a no no with the Bang Master. You can’t be on my time and talking to another guy on the phone in my present.
So disrespectful. Should I call her again for second date since I already invested so much already or move on?”

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