Prostitute Cuts off Customer’s Genitals with knife after Payment Dispute

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A man has had his penis cut off following a dispute over payment with a prostitute. The man is thought to have had sex with a woman working as a prostitute but the pair had not agreed on payment, leading to the alleged attack.

The man’s genitals were placed in a black paper bag and he was admitted to hospital in Nakuru, Kenya, “bleeding excessively”.
Investigators are now searching for the alleged attacker.

Local police Chief Stephen Macharia said: “The victim told me that he picked the woman from the streets but unfortunately they did not agree on payment in exchange for sex, only for her to attack him with a sharp knife.” Authorities said they recovered two blood-stained knives from the victim’s house.

After the attack, the man was discovered by his nephew. His aunt later arrived and described the scene: “Being a woman, my nephew did not explain to me what transpired but I was shocked the house was full of blood including his clothing,” she told local newspaper The Standard.

“He called the taxi driver who rushed him to the hospital,” she added.

“He was in deep pain when I found him in the house,” the taxi driver told the newspaper. “He said that a woman, whom he picked from the streets, had chopped off his manhood.”

The driver said the man also managed to tell him his genitals were in a black paper bag but was unconscious when he was admitted to hospital.

“The patient was received bleeding excessively after his private parts were chopped off,” said Gender Violence Recovery Centre officer, Angela Gwaro. “He was taken to theatre and his condition has been stabilised.”

Urologists will now work with the man to find a way to allow him to urinate.
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