Police Arrests 20 Year Old Spirit For Robbery

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The Lagos State police command has arrested a 20-year old man identified as Ahmed Adewole, aka Spirit.

The notorious armed robber and ex-convict, just returned from prison on the 11th of April, 2018.

According to reports, ‘Spirit’ had been on the wanted list of the Police before and after he came out of prison.

In an interview with newsmen, Spirit admitted being a bandit who specialised in robbing people at gun point.“I am an armed robber; I used to rob people of their money and phones with a locally made pistol.

I was first arrested in Mushin by police patrol who raided the area and i was in prison for 6 months. I came out last month April 11th to be precise” he said.

He further confessed to have been introduced back into robbery by a friend named Rashidi Garuba, because he didn’t have any other work to do.

The suspect hinted that his friends call him spirit because of the fast and neat way he carried out his robbery operations.

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