Oops!!! Lovers Cancel Wedding after They both Lose a Leg within Days of Each Other

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An unlucky couple told how they were forced to cancel their wedding – because they both lost a leg within days of each other.
Susan Mortimer and Robert Hackley, who have been together for 11 years, were in the process of planning their big day when the double dose of bad luck struck.
It began when Robert, 57, accidentally stepped on a piece a glass which turned his right leg septic.
He went into hospital for treatment in January but doctors told him he needed to have an amputation as he had suffered with infections for several years.

Just four days before the removal Susan was rushed into the same hospital and told she had to have her left leg amputated because of an ulcer that had corroded her ankle.
The couple even ended up in adjoining beds in Derriford Hospital, Plymouth, Devon.
Robert, a former security supervisor with three adult children from a previous marriage, said:

 “It was a really bizarre coincidence.“We are trying not thinking about how bad it all is. Losing a leg was really bad but expected for me – but Sue was sitting there thinking her condition was getting better.


Despite their problems they still hope to get married next year.

It’s not the first time Rob has had trouble either.
In 2009, the dad of three had to have his big toe removed on his other foot after he stepped on a syringe in Turkey while on the beach.
Then, in 2012, he had to have the next toe along taken off too, as the infection had spread to his bone.

“I haven’t been the luckiest,” he added.

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