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No plans to send MTN out of Nigeria – FG



The Federal Government of Nigeria has stated that it has no intention to kill telecommunications giant, MTN.
Minister of Communications Technology, Adebayo Shittu, who made this remark, insisted that the Nigerian government was not planning to send the company out of the country.

The Minister stated this on Thursday while reacting to the allegation of plot by Federal Government to crush the telecom company through the ongoing N1.04 trillion saga slammed on it by the Nigerian Communications Commission.

The minister said it was of no benefit to the country to see MTN die.

He said, ‘‘We do not want anybody to have the impression that Nigerian government wants to kill MTN, it is not in the best interest of Nigeria to kill MTN. MTN is a Nigerian company, most of their shareholders are Nigerians, it is registered as Nigerian company in the interest of Nigerians.

‘‘They even brought libration to us in the area of GSM operation when we had less than 500,000 line in a population of 150 million people. When we wanted to go digital (GSM), they were one of the few companies that successfully exploded into Nigerian ecosystem.

‘‘They also made life easier for us. They have been paying tax, and Nigerians have been employed. So, we don’t want to kill MTN. But that is not to say that when infractions have been committed, that sanctions will not follow. If sanctions follow, and there are disputes around it, it will be resolved.’’

On why the matter has been lingering, the minister added, ‘‘it is not as if the dispute will not end. I see the concern they have shown, whether they have shown commitment to resolve the dispute, my position is that negotiations have not started at all. What the Ministry of Justice did is to get them show commitment for the real negotiation.

‘‘They have done both pre-conditions, and if they have done both, the next thing is to sit at the negotiation table to start negotiation.’’

The Minister further urged the public to always get the facts right before jumping into conclusion, insisting that the N50 billion payment by MTN was consequent upon their fulfillment of the preconditions given to them by the Ministry of Justice.


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“Absolutely Clueless And Easily The Worst Manager I Played Under” — Mikel Obi Blasts Sunday Oliseh; Blames Him For Vincent Enyeama’s Early Retirement



He said’ “I remember the first day he came into the camp. Then we reported to the camp for International duties, then he came straight at me and Vincent Enyeama, the goalkeeper, who also was very powerful back then.”

“He came straight at us and Elderson Echiejile, and he said a few things. He said he heard there was a lot of player power with us.

“Then Enyeama was like, ‘What’s wrong with you? Where are you getting all of these from? We are a nice group, and you just come in, and the first thing is to attack us?

“He was like ‘I heard about you guys.’ And then Enyeama stood up and told him he couldn’t say that because we had been here for so many years. They started arguing, and literally, they were going to have a fight.

“He took Enyeama out of the team, and he came at us saying he was going to take us out of the team. He said he was going to take us out of the team; he said he was going to make sure we didn’t play anymore.”

“Enyeama could not take it, and despite my pleas, he left the camp angrily and never came back.”

“He (Oliseh) had absolutely no clue of how a manager is. He was a fantastic guy in his playing days, but as a coach, he was very terrible. He had no clue what he was doing.

“The players never understood anything he was doing, and he did not know what he was doing. He was just confused because he just came in and destroyed the team’s togetherness.

“His excuse when he got fired was that the people and FA did voodoo on him not to succeed. He was easily the worst manager I played under.

“He was so bitter with everybody, jealous with everybody, and had no respect for speaking to anybody, whether the physio or anybody,” he added.

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“She Took Care Of My Son When I Left To UK To Give Birth To My Twins” — Kindhearted Nigerian Woman Rewards Her Housemaid With Canada Sponsorship



A Nigerian lady identified as Lioness Eze wrote: “Miracle is her name

She was a maid to me.
She’s here in Canada to do her first degree in IT innovation ( I’m her full sponsor). She’s 20

She took care of my son when I left to UK to put to bed to my twins. My son never for one day felt I wasn’t around him.

Each time my son asks of where the dad is, she’s always there for him to make sure no vacuum at all

When we relocated to Canada, I started pursuing her greener pastures.

I applied for her degree program into same university as mine in Ontario. She got the admission, I started applying for her visa, she was denied first time. But she was granted visa the second time and was given 3 years visa to study in Canada.

She has arrived😁😁 pictures bellow

She even traveled with us to UK for summer 😁

Isn’t her name speaking for her?(Miracle)

NB : she calls me mommy, ( her biological mother is late) she’s my older daughter now, anywhere U see her, tap her back and tell her she’s really a miracle to her generation

GRACE GOD has given me which is unique from others is, you can’t be around me and remain same. If you are around me and your life never changes, it means you need to change ur attitude.”

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I’m still single and searching – 70-year-old virgin Cries



An elderly woman has lamented being single and still searching because she rejected many men in the name of sacrificing her life to give her siblings a good education before getting married.

“The reason I am still single is that I haven’t found the right man for me. But when I was still a young girl, several men were chasing after me. I dated several, but I refused to get married before my siblings graduated because I was the one who was taking care of them. Men would approach me for marriage and I would tell them no because I wanted to educate my siblings first, then marry later,” she said.

“If I get a husband, I would get married. I’m ready to be a wife and move in together with my husband,” Alphonsine said.

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