Mum Stabbed Daughter 70 Times Because She “Didn’t like the way she was Reading”

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A smirking mother has appeared in court charged with attacking her eldest daughter by stabbing her between 50 and 70 times.

It is alleged that Taheerah Ahmad, 39, took a pickaxe to 11-year-old’s head then set their home on fire before running away with the youngest of her three daughters.

Argentinian FA Taheerah, who was arrested a day after Monday’s vicious attack, was said by investigators to have been upset with her children ‘because of the way they were reading and looking at her.’AP reports

Police reports say that she bound and gagged all three children before attacking the eldest daughter. The eight-year-old girl managed to help her sister, nine, escape who then went to a neighbour for help.

Police arrived to find the older daughter in the burning home while Ahmad and the youngest child had gone missing. The arrest report said the eldest girl fought back while Ahmad was restraining her three daughters, which prompted Ahmad to stab her an estimated ’50 to 70 times.’

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