Meet Oba Raimi Adeoti Akolade Agboluaje (Olomu Efon II) The New Olomu Of Omu-Aran

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Here is a press release from Omu-Aran People Movement Ushering in tge incoming Olomu of Omu-Aran who is set to replace Oba Charles Ibitoye who joined his ancestors last December;

The leadership of OMU-ARAN PEOPLE’S MOVEMENT (popularly called OPM) under the coordinatorship of Sir Adeboye O. Ropo, on behalf of entire members welcomes Oba Raimi Adeoti Akolade Agboluaje (Olomu Efon II) to the Throne of his forefathers as the new OLOMU OF OMU-ARAN, and OLOGBOMONA OF IGBOMINALAND.

Kabiesi, igba yin a tuwa lara. Our king, may your reign bring more peace, unity, and physical development to OMU-ARAN and the entire Igbominaland of Nigeria.

We pray the Lord to make with you throughout your time on the Throne His holy spirit of great wisdom, excellent knowledge, and awesome understanding to decide in the affairs of things. May you live long in good health, peace of heart, and in real prosperity. Amen! Amen!! Amen!!!

All praises to the God Almighty who has helped with peace throughout selection process. As well, great thanks and appreciation to all members of Olomu-in-Council, Omu-Aran Council of elders, leaders of Omu-Aran Development Association, and to all groups and individuals with good contributions to the selection. May we all live to witness good developments at our new king’ s time and period. Amen!

God bless OMU-ARAN and environs. OMU-ARAN, IGBOMINA, Kwara State, ,ati gbogbo agbegbe ko in baje.

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Sir Adeboye O. Ropo,
On behalf of the leadership,

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