Man Dies clinging to landing gear of plane that had flown to Paris from Brazil

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Airport officials and passangers in Paris got the shock of their lives as a body of a man has been found in the landing gear of a plane in Paris after the passenger jet touched down in Europe after an 11 hour flight from Brazil,Daily Mail reports..

The stowaway was discovered clinging to the Air France plane’s landing gear during maintenance operations on the Boeing 777 at Orly Airport yesterday.Having arrived from Sao Paulo, the plane had flown to the smaller airport in Paris after touching down at Charles de Gaulle airport two days earlier.
The body is now undergoing examination at Paris’ forensic institute so it can be identified, an airport source said.

In a similar case in 2013, a dead stowaway was found in the landing gear of a plane that had landed at Charles de Gaulle from Cameroon.



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