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Man Batters Wife Over Missing N500



A hairdresser, Motunrayo Eweje, has accused her husband, Ayoyemi, of battering her over a missing N500 note he kept in a carton on the refrigerator, last Tuesday, in their Baiyewu, Ikorodu residence.

She told TheNation she was making a customer’s hair on June 27, when Eweje, a generator repairer, accused her of taking the money. He ordered her to go and look for it, so, she returned to her customer. .
When she finished, he refused to let her into the house. She revealed that the next day, Eweje ordered her to pack out of their home, following which she left with her two children because was already tired of the marriage.

According to her, last Tuesday (July 3), Eweje trailed her to her friend, Blessing Jacob’s place and beat her up. Motunrayo said: “I am tired of this marriage and I want it to end.

It has been full of quarrels, beatings and arguments. I am not in love again. My husband does not take care of me; he only pays the children’s school fess and house rent.

I am the one that takes care of my children both in feeding and clothing.” But Eweje, who admitted beating his wife, told The Nation that it was a mistake.

Eweje said: “I know that I made a mistake to have beaten her. I am crying now and I am saying that this will not happen again. My wife was not like this before we moved to Ikorodu.

It is because she is now rolling with people that are bigger than her and they are not advising her to do the right thing; I know she has a man friend. She is lying that I have not been taking care of the family.

Did you not see how big she is? And she says I am not feeding her. Which work is she doing that she is using to take care of the family? I still love my wife and I want my marriage back.

I have beaten her before, but since last year I have not beaten her. I beat her that night because I went to her friend’s house to get my children back home, but she was dragging the children in my hand.

I just gave her a blow and it touched her face.” Eweje, who was arrested last Wednesday, added that he was released on Friday on bail after paying N30,000.

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