Jealous Drug Addict who Killed Lover, Arrested

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30- year old Muhammed Adamu, a drug addict, who killed his 24-year-old girlfriend out of jealousy, on the the 29th of May, has been arrested by the Yobe state police.

The fresh graduate from Federal College of Technical Education, Potiskum, has confessed he killed Hauwa Muhammad because he discovered that she had started dating another man.

Narrating how he committed the crime, the assailant said: “My name is Muhammed Isa Adamu from Potiskum. I started dating Hauwa since 2014. She was obedient to me. She never offended me.

I have been abusing drugs for almost five years. I even went to Azare General Hospital to seek medical advice in order to get rid of my addiction. I tried as much as possible to convince my family to meet Hauwa’s over our marital arrangement but my effort became unsuccessful.

Eventually another guy started dating her. That was the beginning of our problem. She told me that if my family could not meet hers, I should allow the other guy to do so.

Apart from that, there was no problem between the two of us. One day I didn’t know what happened to me, I took my drugs and decided to end the lives of both of us. I killed her alone with a knife.

I equally wanted to kill myself but she stopped me from doing that while she was bleeding. She said I should not kill myself. May her soul rest in peace.

She further advised me, before she bled to death, that I should repent and seek Allah’s forgiveness. I then promised her not to kill myself and that I will report myself to the police.

Which is why when the DPO ‘C’ division called me, I reported at once.” He advised hard drug users to quit the habit as it would only lead to a dead end.

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