I Prayed to God before leaving Gospel for Circular Music – Simi

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Popular musician, Simi in a recent interview opened up on why she left gospel music and the price of fame. Excerpts from her interview with Punch
You began your career as a gospel act.
Why did you go mainstream?
The first thing that comes to the
mind is that I did it for monetary
reasons. However music became
about ‘more’; I wanted to have a
broader purview. It was a tough
decision for me to make at first. I
wanted to explore music more.
My faith in God hasn’t waivered
because before I went
mainstream, I prayed to God to
bless my career if it was his plan
for me. I also don’t see myself
doing gospel music again.
What has fame cost you?
I don’t go out much but I love to
go to regular places. I can’t do so
any longer and I miss having a
regular life because I am a regular
Are you currently dating anyone?
I am in a relationship with
someone else who is not
Falzthebahdguy; we are just
friends. y man is mature and
understands the fact that I may be
erroneously romantically linked
with an artiste simply because we
work on music projects together.


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