“I Never Cheated On Her” -Jason Derulo on breakup with Jordin Sparks

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Its been almost twenty months since singers Jason Derulo and Jordin Sparks broke up and the later is just giving an insight into what actually led to the breakup claiming he never cheated on her  and  said he thought he could change her. Jason who is now dating 50 Cent’s ex, Daphene Joy told Xonecole
“Things could’ve been different had different choices been made from her side. I felt some kind of way because the world thought it was my fault, and I broke up with her. So they kind of fucked with me only from that perspective. I was really disappointed in her and how she handled it because she made people believe that it was my fault. Like Wendy Williams asked her ‘so we heard that he cheated, is that why you guys broke up?’
and she says, ‘No comment.’ Like what the fuck you mean no comment?!”“I thought that I could change her through the course of time, and I couldn’t. I realized that I felt better off when I was by myself,”

I realize that myself is important, too,” he continues. “I watched how my dad was good with my mom because he always put her first, so I always try to be like that—to my own detriment, though, because I just was going in too hard and forgot about my own wellbeing. I learned that I got to also keep myself in mind as well.”

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