I felt I Would Never Find a Husband – Happily Married Albino with 2 Kids

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An Albino woman who is a song writer has revealed how she was afraid about finding a husband to marry her while she was just a young lady. But fortunately she got married and went ahead to have two kids.

The Albino goes by the name Gaje and she is a YouTube Content Creator Singer/Songwriter & Poet Model/Makeup Stylist Ambassador.

Gaje who was obviously filled with so much excitement recently shared her story with media personality Betty Irabor.

The woman’s husband, though was discouraged by his friends and family, but still went ahead with the marriage and it has been love all the while. Betty says: “When I interviewed this lady a while back, she said that she felt no one would love her and she would never find a husband because of the colour of her skin due to albinism. But God stepped in. She met her man who confessed that his friends tried to discourage him from marrying an albino .. “of all the girls around, it’s an albino you want to marry”? They said to him. But he followed his heart and married her! Then she got pregnant and then came the nagging worry that she might give birth to an albino who would be bullied for his colour as she was in school. But when her baby was tenderly placed in her arms, she cried as he came out looking like his father.. dark skin, melanin!

And then came baby number 2 and again, not a trace of albinism !! Grace, Grace!! She has no regrets about being born with albinism and urged others like her not to fall into despair, but feels sad that society has not understood that God does not do colour!! Underneath it all, our blood is none other than red!! God, does not do colour!!”

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