I Can’t Bring Men Home Because Of My Daughter -Waje

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Nigerian singer, Waje has revealed that the lifestyle of a single mom has made dating difficult. She advised women in her shoes not to get depressed over their status as being a single mum doesn’t mean there is something wrong in their life.

According to her “If you are a single mom, you are a single mom. It doesn’t make you any less a mom and it doesn’t mean there is something wrong with you.

“You are a mom, own it,” she said during an interview on Rubbin’ Minds.

Waje admitted that being a single mom has had some impact on her lifestyle as she must consider her daughter before allowing any man into her life.

“When you’re dating for example, its not everybody that you’ll bring to your house. So, I don’t do that at all until I know it’s a relationship that is worth introducing her to,” she said

Questioned on if there will be wedding bells any time soon?, the ‘Onye’ singer said she would rather leave that to God, considering she has “not really dated a lot”

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