Housemaid on The Run after Stabbing her Madam and Son to Death in Kenya

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Housemaid on the run after stabbing her madam and son to death in Kenya
A maid is on the run after stabbing her employer and her son to death in Kenya.

Ms Liz Ojwang (pictured) and her son Leone were stabbed on Wednesday evening after what is believed to be a child related dispute. Ms Ojwang was stabbed in Muhoroni, Kenya, where she lived and worked.
According to Ms Ojwang’s father, John Agolla Ojwang, his daughter came home to find her son in a bad state. She confronted the house help and the confrontation became heated. The house help then reached for a knife and stabbed both Liz and her son then locked them in the bedroom. Afterward, she spent the night in the living room with Liz’s niece, Cynthia.
News of the deaths broke on Thursday evening. The bodies have since been picked by the police and taken to Star Mortuary in Kisumu.

The house help is currently on the run and her whereabouts is not known.

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