The Grass Is Always Greener On Social Media -Basketmouth

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Popular Nigerian comedian and actor, Bright Okpocha aka Basketmouth have revealed how easy it is to live a fake life on social media. The comedian shared a picture of himself in a private jet on Instagram and stated that he just wanted to see how easy it was to take such pictures and appear successful.
According to Basketmouth, it is easy to live the social media successful life.

Read his post below;
I was so tempted to use the caption ‘Living the life’ or ‘Thank you God’ or ‘Hard work pays’… but then….who am I lying to? Wey I know say I fly local.
I just really wanted to see how easy it was to take such pictures to look more successful, and surprisingly, its not that hard….. Just saying.


You re so honest walahi…fake like everywhere, especially celeb

he was only trying to say social media have 80% of fake life..

You’re spoiling market for some people oooh! ??????????

There are many celebrities in this table you are shaking oh

You for put something like “balling on a different level wayy higher than ya’ll”.??

Always greener oooooo but in actual life…many grasses don withered

That’s what the gram wants fake it till you make it . But we know. The ones with he highest followers does not mean the richest?

What are you saying bro? Make it clear na? not everyone fakes it so we get it straight some are actually living the life while some are living the lie?

The table you are shaking ehh, make sure there is ambulance around to take all the celebs to the hospital to treat their broken legs

@basketmouth God bless you bro some of those yeyebrity will be forming rich on social media ???????

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