CCT: Guru Maharaj Ji Asks Saraki to Resi5

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The founder of One Love Family, Sat Guru Maharaj Ji has joined millions of Nigerians in asking embattled Senate President Dr Bukola Saraki to resign.
The shocking revelations
emerging from the on-going trial of the Senate Saraki at the Code of Conduct Bureau, any truly distinguished senator that is worth his name and accolade should avoid showing any form of solidarity with him.
This came just as he noted that the most honourable thing for the embattled Senator Saraki to do now is to resign his appointment.
Maharaj Ji who spoke with newsmen Friday in Ibadan said the advice became necessary so that the senators could escape public ridicule and opprobrium that their actions may attract.
According to him, the continued stay in office as Senate President constitutes a mockery of our
collective intelligence and scandalizes our national conscience.
He added, “enough is enough and we can’t afford the image of the country to be ridiculed before the international community now that the nation has been endowed with divine Providence to provide global leadership”.
“Saraki should do the needful and stop ridiculing the family’s name as well as battering the image
and reputation of the National Assembly. He should therefore throw in the towel and resign
“For now, any truly distinguished Senator that is worth his name and accolade should avoid showing any form of solidarity with Saraki in
order to escape public ridicule and opprobrium”. On the lingering fuel scarcity, the leader of One Love Family reiterated that it was a manipulated intrigue to create crisis of confidence between
Nigerians and government so as to raise issues on the capacity of Buhari’s administration to
govern effectively.
“The hour has come for the Federal Government to take decisive action to break the backbone of the oil marketers who, have over the years, held the nation to ransom.”While insisting that the monopoly being enjoyed by the marketers should be broken, Maharaj Ji advised the government to mobilize about 20 transparently good and trusted Nigerians to
massively import petroleum products in order to ameliorate the current unjustifiable hardship
being experienced by Nigerians.

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