Family Discover WRONG Woman In Grandmother’s Casket At Her Viewing

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The family of a woman from Washington DC arrived at her funeral last week to pay their final respects, only to discover the body of a stranger resting in her casket.

Virginia Ernestine Gray, 83, fell unconscious in her home on Dix Street Northeast on February 19 and was taken to Prince George’s Hospital Center, where she passed away later that day.

Ms Gray had a daughter, four grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren.

The woman’s relatives made arrangements with Horton’s Funeral Home on Kennedy Street Northwest to host a viewing for Virginia Gray on February 26.

The solemn event was supposed to be followed by a religious service at New Covenant Church of the Lord Jesus Christ in Maryland on Saturday, with the burial scheduled for later that day in Fort Lincoln Cemetery.

But when the family of the deceased arrived at the DC mortuary to bid farewell to the octogenarian matriarch, they found another woman in her place.

According to Gray’s relatives, the stranger was reposing in their grandmother’s casket, dressed in the clothes they had brought to the funeral home for the viewing.

Gray’s grandson, Quentin Gray, described the bizarre predicament the family have found themselves in as ‘lunacy’ ripped straight out of a bad film script. He says his only hope now is that his grandmother has not been buried somewhere else.

Administrators at the Prince George’s Hospital Center said they were looking into the matter


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