Civil Servant Slumped and Died Weeks After Complaining of Hardship

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Haruna David a Deputy Director in the Quality Control Department of the Kogi State Ministry of Education, has slumped and died in office on Tuesday.

David slumped in the office at about 12:00 p.m, TheNation reports. The senior public officer died on his way to clock-in for mid-day as required by civil service in the state.

The clock-in clock-out policy was introduced by Kogi State government as part of measures to strengthen work ethic in the state. He reportedly complained of difficulties in meeting up with family obligations in the weeks preceding his shock demise.
A colleague said the late David resorted to begging from neighbours to feed his family. “Like many of us, he was last paid in February 2018, with half salary. That could not pay backlog of debt he incurred before the payment of the 50% salary,” the source said.

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