Charly boy Pens Open letter to President Buhari

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 Mr. President Sir,
Once again I am compelled to voice out my bewilderment at the stumbling and wobbly kind of governance we have had since you came onboard.
I wonder what you are doing right now.
I wonder if our tears, pains and hopelessness affect you in anyway.
I wonder if you are the one in charge or some other people.

You have tasted leadership before and you know what it entails. I understand that. However, then and now are two different scenarios, two separate dispensations.
We know you.
We know about your war against indiscipline.
We hear about your no-nonsense stand against corruption.
We have read so much about our stolen monies which you have managed to recover. Well done sha.
Meanwhile, the nagging questions that leave me sleepless most nights remain unanswered…
How much money have you collected from the looters so far?
To what use have the monies been put?
From where I stand, it seems you’re the only one in your cabinet fighting corruption while your praise singers are busy washing you all over town trying to convince us that you’re a good man.
I, CharlyBoy, know that you are a “good” man: someone who loves the country, a patriot with a high sense of morals perhaps. But na that one we go chop? Is that all that is needed to fix the rot of over 40yrs.?
I don’t think so!
To a great degree, Nigeria has become a terribly dysfunctional society.
I didn’t vote in the last elections because I just tire with the kalokalo leadership so far. Even when a lot of people wanted change, I wondered what manner of change could come when in our history we never really struggled for anything.
Before you sat on that chair, I proclaimed that Nigeria would only survive under a benevolent dictator; one with lots of selfless love for the country and is willing to lay down his life, one who would deal mercilessly with all those who have ruined our land.
A lot of people thought I was talking about you.
From Boko Haram to Niger Delta Avengers. MASSOB, OPC, to Biafran Avengers, name it, the list is endless.
Mr President Sir, you ought to, as a matter of urgency, review your approach to handling issues because, sometimes diplomacy works better. Excessive force will only breed more discontentment. Take it from me.
Your mark of fair play must cut across board, you must not leave room for us to second-guess your intentions biko, and you must at all times convey clarity of purpose.
It is not possible (or I should say it is unbelievable) that you can’t see that we are swimming in the river of chaos.
It is funny because, those who feel insulated and protected by the State will discover that they are mere sitting ducks!
Just because say boys dey vex!
Putting Nigeria together will take a lot more than childish, nonsensical propaganda.
It will take more than prayers, more than just being a good guy.
Being good is important but not as important as being a no-nonsense ass-kicker; person wey no send, because many things don scatter.
I don’t care if you’re trying to convert all of us to Islam, I don’t care if everyone in your cabinet is your in-law, brother, sister, tribesman, cook, steward or even your MaiGuard.
On behalf of all the frustrated youths in this country, all we need is a leader who can fix things, not the one that comes with excuses.
A leader who is not afraid to admit that he has no clue to certain matters but willing to learn spot on and hands on.
A leader who can’t be comfortable with praise singers.
A leader who is troubled by the cry of poverty-ridden Nigerians.
A leader who can raise our hope once again in our battered country.
A leader who can make us start believing in our Nigeria again.
Oga Presido, do sometin o, boys are vexing!

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