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Beninnoise Abduct Lagos Motorists, Sell Stolen Vehicles In Cotonou



The police have arrested members of a robbery gang from Benin Republic, who allegedly specialise in snatching exotic vehicles in Lagos and selling them to a car dealer in their country.

The suspects are Hammed Ajagba, 30; Taviu Polen, aka Popo, 35; Batan Remmy, 30; and an herbalist, Rasheed Akinola, who prepared charms for the gang and helped them in smuggling guns into Nigeria.

PUNCH Metro learnt that the bandits had trailed one Olayinka Oyebola to the Zenith Bank Automated Teller Machine gallery on Ajose Adeogun, Victoria Island, around 9am on January 20.

They reportedly lay in ambush as the man withdrew cash from the ATM.

He was about to leave the place in his Toyota Prado Jeep when they attacked at gunpoint and dragged him from the driver’s seat.

It was learnt that they dispossessed him of a Samsung Galaxy phone, a laptop and a sum of N45,000.

They thereafter put him in the back seat of his Jeep and drove him away.

The police said the assailants dropped off their victim on the Lekki-Epe Expressway and headed for Ikoyi, where they snatched another Toyota Prado Jeep with the number plate, ABC 853 LK.

The occupants of the vehicle, a couple, were said to have parked by the roadside opposite Southern Sun Hotel to buy barbecued meat.

As they wanted to enter the vehicle to continue their journey, the gang reportedly ordered them to the back seat and drove off.

It was gathered that the wife suddenly opened the door and jumped out of the vehicle when the robbers were held in a traffic, while her husband, Fidel Onwodi, was freed on the 3rd Mainland Bridge.

The attackers were said to have abandoned the first stolen Jeep, suspected to have a tracking device, at Babatunde Crescent, Oniru, VI, and took the second one to Cotonou, where it was reportedly sold to the dealer, identified as Benoit. “The victim, in her own account, stated that she went to the service provider for a SIM card replacement and that immediately she inserted the new card into her new phone, she started receiving transaction alerts. A total of N1,153,000 was withdrawn from her account in FCMB.”

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“I’m An Igbo Man From Abia, Not Just Ijaw” – Asari Dokubo Stirs Controversy



In a bold and controversial statement, Asari Dokubo, a prominent figure in the Niger Delta region, has declared that the Ikwerre people of Rivers State are indeed Igbos.

Dokubo, who is known for his outspoken views, made this assertion despite being identified as an Ijaw man himself.

According to Dokubo, 80% of Rivers State land is Igboland, and he questioned why some Ikwerre people deny their Igbo identity. He emphasized that the names and language of the Ikwerre people are evident proof of their Igbo heritage.

On his words; “It might not be wrong for me to say that 80% of Rivers State land is Igboland; nobody can deny it. Yes, people see me as an Ijaw man, which I identify with, but the truth is that I am an Igbo man from Abam in Abia State, like many other people in Ijaw land today.

“I don’t understand why some Ikwerre people keep denying their Igbo identity when it is clear to everyone that all Ikwerre are Igbo.

“There is nothing Benin about them. If they like, they can keep on changing their names, but they can’t remove Igbo from their names completely. Ezewuwo, not Obawuwo—Eze is an Igbo word. I don’t know how they changed the other part to wuwo, but they can’t change Eze. It is a shame for a group of grown-up people to be living in lies, deceiving themselves that they are not Igbo. But the truth is that inside, they know that they are Igbo; there’s no doubt about it.”

Dokubo’s statement has sparked a heated debate, with some agreeing with his views and others vehemently opposing them. The Ikwerre people have historically identified as a distinct ethnic group, separate from the Igbo.

This declaration is likely to ignite a fresh discussion on the complex issues of ethnicity and identity in the region.

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Media Tycoon, Robert Murdoch, Marries For The Fifth Time At Age 93



Media mogul, Rupert Murdoch, has married for the fifth time at the age of 93.

According to Sky News, Rupert tied the knot with Elena Zhukova, a 67-year-old retired molecular biologist, at a wedding at Moraga, his vineyard and estate in California.

Ms Zhukova, from Moscow, wore a white dress while Mr Murdoch wore a dark suit and patterned yellow tie. The couple met at a family gathering last year.

Mr Murdoch, who has six children, is chairman emeritus of News Corporation, which owns The Sun, as well as American media giants such as Fox News and the Wall Street Journal. The billionairecalled off an endgame to former San Francisco police chaplain Ann Lesley Smith last year.

He divorced his fourth wife Jerry Hall in August 2022. He was previously married to entrepreneur Wendi Deng, whom he divorced in 2014 after 14 years of marriage. They have two daughters together. Mr Murdoch split from his second wife Anna Murdoch Mann, a Scottish journalist with whom he had three children, in 1999. He also had a daughter with his first wife Patricia Booker, who was a former flight attendant. They divorced in 1966.

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“I Am Single; Looking For Educated Man Who Can Cook, Do Laundry, Enjoys House Chores, Loves PDA And Can Perform” — US-based Nigerian Lady Reveals



A US-based Nigerian woman, Ogechukwu Christine Kalu, is seeking a well educated and God fearing man for marriage.

The educational consultant, in a post on Sunday, June 2, 2024, said the man should know how to cook, do laundry, enjoy other house chores, PDA and “perform.”

“Now that my DM is clogged with “I love you” let me reinstate that I am single. Looking for a cute man, well educated, God fearing, knows how to pray and intercede for the family, can cook and enjoys laundry, is homely and can fold clothes immediately after laundry. Enjoys house chores, can take care of kids and also has a good job business and/or great career prospects. Loves PDA and can perform. Loves plants. Enjoys listening to worship. Expects loyalty, respect, faithfulness because he gives and is capable of giving them long term. Listens to understand and not to respond. Knows how to pronounce “parallelogram, Otorhinolaryngologist, and Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”

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