Is My Ramadan Fast Acceptable?

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Good morning LL readers here is a mail I got from a reader who needs your honest opinion on an issue…
Good day Mr Kunle, please I have an issue bothering my mind and I want you to please help me share this with LagosLately Readers. I am a proud muslim and a professional photographer who is presently observing the  Ramadan fast as required of all muslims. My father who is also a muslim as been a medical doctor for over thirty six years and I know he still performs all kinds of surgeries which exposes him to the nakedness of the opposite sex even while observing the Ramadan fast. I naturally assumed it’s not wrong since he is doing it (seeing women’s nakedness) with a good motive. Being a professional photographer myself I have been working on a project since last week and part of the project involves taking nude photos of ladies and men alike. My question now is Is my Ramadan fast still acceptable?

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