Address yourselves as Kabiyesi not Sheu, Yoruba monarchs in Kwara told

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A retired Assistant Inspector General of Police and community leader in Igbomina, Mr Ayodele Ishola, has called on traditional rulers in Yorubaland, particularly those of Yoruba speaking communities in Kwara State, to bear the title Kabiyesi and nothing else.

In a statement issued and signed in Ilorin, on Tuesday, the community leader urged the traditional rulers to ensure they are addressed as Kabiyesi and not Sheu.

Making reference to the Emir of Ilorin who, he said, had repeatedly rejected the appellation of Kabiyesi because of his ancestral link to Sheu Usman Dan Fodio, the community leader urged the Yoruba monarchs to take on the proper title which is Kabiyesi.

He, therefore, appealed to the traditional council and Igbomina descendant unions to correct the age-long mistake. The statement said: “Yoruba traditional rulers in Kwara State should stop the practice of being called and addressed as Sheu and revert to Kabiyesi, their real title.

“Doing otherwise amounts to abomination, illegality and impersonation.”


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