(Photos)Woman goes on her honeymoon alone after her husband was denied a visa

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A woman has shared hilarious pictures of her ‘husband-less honeymoon’ after her new spouse was denied a visa for their holiday.
Huma Mobin and her new husband Arsalaan Sever Bhatt, from Lahore, were scheduled to go on a second honeymoon to Greece last month with Mr Bhatt’s parents.
But Ms Mobin’s husband didn’t get a visa in time for the trip.
Initially the young woman didn’t want to go without her beloved, but since the entire holiday was already paid for the couple decided she should see the country.
This meant she was left to see the sights with her in-laws for 10 days at Mr Bhatt was left at home in Pakistan.
In order to share the trip with Mr Bhatt, she snapped some photos of her time abroad at the destinations she visited.
Rather than smiling and enjoying herself, the young woman posed with a distraught look on her face.
In most photos she also had an arm outspread as if hugging her absent husband, making for hilarious holiday snaps.


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