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Man dumps his fiancee to dress up and live as dog (Photos)

Theatre technician Tom, 32, loves
dressing as a puppy so much that when he was given the ultimatum by his fiancé Rachel about what he loved more she was unfortunately sidelined.
Tom – who was crowned Mr Puppy UK – is just one of the pups featured in Channel 4 ‘s latest documentary Secret Life of Human Pups , which explores the weird world of ‘human pups’ –
grown men who enjoy dressing up as dogs.
The craze has around 10,000 Followers in the UK who are interested in pup play and being kept on a leash by their ‘handlers’.
Tom split from his fiancé Rachel
because of his love for dressing up as a dalmatian called Spot which has cost him around £4,000 so far over the ten years he has being enjoying the craze.
“You disappear, you start chasing
puppy toys and people give you
ear scratches and treat you like a
puppy. You disappear so much
into the head space that you don’t
stop to think but you crave it and
you want it and you wish for it.
It’s magic, it just really is
genuinely magic,” he explains.
“I am strongly happily, proud of
who I am and what I look like and
I don’t care about what anyone
else thinks.” Rachel, who is still friends with Tom and allows him to store his outfit at her home, says:
“He wanted to be able to explore
different avenues and I just didn’t
understand it. I didn’t want to
understand it then.”It was him
having to make a choice between
what he wanted to do or me, and
it was a better choice for him. He
is two different things when he is
Spot and when he is Tom, which
is what I suppose I walked away
from.” Since the split Tom moved in with his ‘handler’ Colin. But there is absolutely zero romantic involvement as the pair insist it is just purely the fun of the pup play.



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