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How Kim K Masterminded Blac Chyna and Kylie Jenner’s Meeting

Kylie Jenner and Blac Chyna have put their drama behind them, and they can thank Kim Kardashian for encouraging them to do so.
A source tells E! News Kim
“100-percent” had something to
do with the ladies getting together
on Thursday night, noting that she
even talked to Kanye West—who
also encouraged her meeting with
Amber Rose earlier this year—
ahead of time to get his nod of
“Kim and Chyna have a history
and they thought it would be a
good way to break the ice with all
involved,” the source explained.
“It didn’t take too much convincing for [them] to meet.
They both wanted to have a sit
down for a while now anyway.”
The insider added that Kylie and Chyna started the whole conversation by discussing Rob’s happiness.
Now that she and Rob are
engaged to be married, another
source noted that Chyna is “very
excited” to be a Kardashian. “She
always loved them and was very
close to the family before they all
had a falling out,” the insider
said. “Kim was like a sister to
her…Chyna would like to get back
to where things were with them
and thinks that their families will
start blending more in light of the
news and how happy Rob is.”
In general, Chyna’s main concern
is Rob, and the insider says she
knows how much it would mean
to him if she were able to finally
smooth things over with his


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